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Elegant Azaleas

Elegant Azaleas

Delicate blossoms.


Elegant azaleas can add a stunning impact in your garden. This azalea is gorgeous with prolific blooms from the bottom of the plant to the end of every branch. The color is a blush of faint pink with darker markings on the petal edges.

I bought this last spring and transplanted it this winter into a larger container where it busted out in a plethora of new growth filled with blossoms for the spring fashion show, the only thing missing is fragrance. The good news: azaleas can bloom for several weeks.

Two years ago, I planted a Red Bird Azalea that expanded and I had to transplant it after it doubled in size in one year. Some varieties are smaller and more compact and it is good to choose the correct size for your garden area (photos from the first year, last spring).

When I was young, we lived in Chamblee, Georgia near Atlanta. At our new house, my Dad planted several azaleas in the front yard and they looked grand with their cranberry blossoms each spring. The azaleas grew well under the pine and dogwood trees in the right environment, in the shade with acidic soil.

Elegant Azaleas 004

Blooming forth!

This spring, I added eight new azaleas for containers throughout my front and backyard. Azaleas prefer shade or tree cover with acidic soil either in the ground or containers. I have them in containers on the side of the house, on the front porch, on the deck, and on the patio. As long as they have some shade, they develop profusely.

Azaleas are either evergreen or deciduous plants; my plants are evergreen, providing green serenity in between numerous flowering plants in my garden.

During planting, I add soil amendments prepared specifically for azaleas, organic acidic azalea food, seaweed organic fertilizer, rainwater. These organic planting methods ensure healthy soil, healthy leaves and roots, prolific blooms, and sturdy growth.

Prune the plants soon after they bloom to avoid reducing next year’s buds. You can prune some of the branches every other year to ensure buds for the next spring. Mulch your plants two to three inches deep with pine straw, leaves or bark.

By providing azaleas with their favorite environment, your plants can produce abundant blossoms and healthy foliage for you to enjoy in your garden setting throughout the year. As a shrub, azaleas provide formal foliage throughout the year or you can prune them in a more casual, branching style.

Last night, I transplanted this azalea into a larger container with additional room for next year’s growth.

Elegant Azaleas - night blooming IMG_2001

Night blooming azalea.

Perhaps I can help you with your garden design or container gardening to make an impact at your entranceway, porch, or deck. For your commercial business or residential property, I will prepare a plan for your microclimate to make your entrance more inviting with a sense of place and beauty. Please visit my website page for more information: Dawn to Dusk Garden Design Services. Contact me today and let’s get started. How can I help you? Let’s plant some elegant azaleas; they can make a stunning impact in your garden.

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”
–Thomas Alva Edison

Move the World

Move the World

Mister Lincoln Rose


Move the world. “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”

Enjoy this fragrant Mister Lincoln rose; the first crop this season. Roses nurtured and photographed by Dawn Marie Carlson @DawnToDuskPhotos.

The Act of Giving

Fragrant Rosemary

Fragrant Rosemary

The Act of Giving

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” –Robert Collier.

This spring, I am transplanting most of the new perennials I planted last spring and summer. A daunting task.

The nurtured plants grew to their next stage – success! I need to transplant this Trailing Rosemary plant already after it outgrew this container after one year.

The Rosemary leaves release a sweet fragrance when brushed, then I use the dried leaves and make sachets. I will add dried Lavender leaves for another sachet, and share them as special gifts for my family and friends.

I nurtured and grew the Rosemary and Lavender plants over time and now I am giving them away as special sachet gifts. Success, the act of giving.


Tending to my Garden

Tending to my Garden

OIMG_2983n Sunday afternoon (May 3, 2015) I tended to my garden for a couple of hours.

My original plan was to work in the garden for most of the day as I have several projects in my garden queue, including transplanting fresh new plants that want a new home, which is a high priority.

Instead, I carved out only a couple hours at the end of the day tending to my garden. Whenever I do this, I chastise myself for not starting earlier when I begin to see how many garden tasks I have on my list as I look around.

I reminded myself that in Jack Canfield‘s book The Success Principles, he says to Chunk It Down’ (Principle #8) into more manageable pieces. If you focus on smaller tasks and provide energy and determination, you will complete them and cross them off your list as done!

I needed to focus on and tend to the side IMG_2589garden, which includes the rose garden, vegetable garden, fruit trees and grapes.

I watered the four grape vines and the fruit trees (peach, cherry, plum and apple) and they are growing well after my nephew, Sean amended the soil two weeks ago. It’s time to add organic fruit and vine fertilizer to them so I will add this task to complete this week.

IMG_2980The roses need their special organic rose fertilizer
this week. The plants have a healthy crop of fresh leaves and most of them are now producing fragrant blossoms such as this lovely pink/peach rose.

This particular rose was over three feet tall alone and I had to cut it down for the vase. The leaves are healthy and the petals too, thanks to healthy soil, organic fertilizer and rain water.

My new companion garden is sprouting, known as the Three Sisters Garden. Sean helped me plant this garden.

If you can, enlist the help of children of any age and teach them how to garden. They too can learn the magic of seeing something they planted bloom and grow and love nature in return.

The corn, beans and watermelon seedlings IMG_2624are sprouting and growing quickly.
The circle of corn is surrounded by the circle of pole beans, which is surrounded by the circle of watermelons. The corn will support the beans and the watermelon leaves will protect the roots and shade them while maintaining moisture in the soil. The beans process nitrogen into the soil maintaining the health of all three.

002I have one cherry tomato plant next to two heirloom tomatoes one of which is yellow. They are all new varieties as suggested at the nursery to try new varieties each year.

The Three Sisters Garden and the tomatoes received some tender loving care, rain water, organic tomato and vegetable fertilizer and IMG_1863new tomato supports in anticipation of an enormous crop! We added plenty of soil amendments to this small garden so they have the right ingredients for a large harvest.

Another project  performed yesterday: pruning the plants in the backyard. This is ongoing but I saved this for one great pruning.

Normally, I prune the plants weekly as I see things but I didn’t have my pruning shears nearby – but now I do, handy, where I can use them more often. Then I will use them more often and my plants always look like someone cares for them. The way I like them to look.

This morning when I opened the deck door to let Romeo outside, the plants IMG_1861looked trimmed and tended and I was extremely pleased to see how much neater the plants look.

There are several great things about tending to your garden –  you can revel in your effort, sweat and enjoy the final results. You feel a sense of satisfaction. Nice work!

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of IMG_2581getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small, manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”

–Mark Twain (American Author and Humorist).


Quotation: Napoleon Hill

001“Action is the real measure of intelligence.”
–Napoleon Hill

Take time to enjoy the daisies from our garden – smile, breathe, in any order, then relax for one minute. It works for me!

All photos of Osteospermums nurtured and photographed by Dawn Marie Carlson.

One of my favorite variations of Osteospermum is White Lightening – white petals on the inside with the backside being yellow. When the breeze blows, they shimmer with white and yellow color that is striking like lightening. There is also a beautiful soft, golden-yellow variety that I have that is graceful in the garden called Yellow Symphony.


Next to the fountain in the front garden, I have an old Marguerite Daisy which grows boldly and sends good cheer to the neighbors as they pass by.

This weekend, I transplanted three plants: two with white petals with purple on the backside and a solid purple in between the two white ones below the bird bath. It’s make a nice complimentary color element at the foot of the bird bath and always looks fresh with color and vitality and only needs pruning periodically, ideal landscape plants. The coloring adds a lot of energy to the garden and looks clean and neat at the same time.

Spring Garden April 2009 020Here is another variety of white Osteospermum with a golden center that is very regal. In the front garden, I have a soft autumn rose version blooming now and they splay across the garden with other flowers growing through them which looks nice.IMG_2680

Another version in my garden on the side yard is a soft orange which is nicely complimenting the opposite color, purple daisies nearby. 042  006
This yellow with white inside is a unique version that you don’t find very often. Last summer, I found a bold yellow with a purple center but they didn’t last. IMG_0401



I love these golden flowers with the dark center in this container. Once the plants overstay their welcome in containers, I transplant them in the ground where they can expand and really make a bold statement with their color and texture in the garden. Room to grow!

Quotation: Thornton Wilder

022“Seek the lofty by reading, hearing and seeing great work at some moment every day.”
–Thornton Wilder

Don’t you love the beauty of fresh, spring flowers and greenery at every turn? The cherry trees and nut trees are blooming now in yards and along boulevards with their white puffy blooms looking fresh and dainty. In my photo here, pansies and primroses grow together delivering cheerfulness and color to brighten the world just a little bit in their own small way.

I have a new garden design book by P. Allen Smith that I am reading about his garden design plans and photo examples as I find great inspiration in garden books, magazines, garden shows and classes. I found another garden show on PBS recently that is interesting, A Greener World.

Do you feel inspired to trowel about in your garden, to read about gardening, to hear birds in Nature or to see great gardens?

Quotation: Tommy Lasorda

IMG_1812“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.”

–Tommy Lasorda

Cheerful violas on the front porch grown, nurtured, enjoyed and photographed by Dawn Marie Carlson.

Quotation: Roald Dahl

2014-09-22 005“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” –Roald Dahl, British Author

I planted Fuchsias in several color combinations last year and here is one of the varieties in my garden. I need to transplant a number of them for optimal growth. Photo by Dawn Marie Carlson.

Making room for something new in the garden: Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015

I am IMG_1875making progress and room in my garden for new things with the guidance from Jack Canfield’s book – The Principles of Success: Principle #28 Clean Up Your Messes and Your Incompletes. There will always be new tasks/projects/missions that need completing and in competing stages – so this is an ongoing mission.IMG_1878

Jack Canfield stated, “Get into the completion consciousness. Continually ask yourself, What does it take to actually get this task completed? Then you can begin to consciously take that next step…Rather than start 15 projects that end up incomplete and take up space, you’d be better off if you had started just 3 and completed them.”

IMG_1880I discovered some of those incompletes or projects in my garden survey and I have a scroll of things that could be, should be and want to be concluded, which can appear overwhelming. Jack Canfield and Mark Twain and many others endorse this management technique: chunking it down into smaller more manageable tasks and maintain focus.IMG_1879

Recently in my garden, I added larger containers to transplant older plants that were root bound and needed space to grow and bloom. I found azure blue, root beer brown and asparagus green containers on sale at different places and I am trading the smaller containers with a more uniform design.

To IMG_1877add flair, I planted fresh yellow and pink primroses, and pink, purple and red cyclamen around the border of the hydrangea, pink rose transplants and others. In the some of the new containers, I added two delicate Pink Breath of Heaven, a pink geranium and a lavender osteospernum (daisy) and I am pleased with the final results.IMG_1876

Within a week, the blooms will spring forth and sing! Ahh…progress. Now, I have room for new things in my garden and to complete new tasks. I am celebrating these completions and successes and remembering them with my photos.


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