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Progress and Possibilities

Progress and possibilities

Planning tools.


I want to rename the first month on my calendar “Progress,” “Possibilities,” or perhaps “Promise.” January brings the hope for new achievements–a gleaming start for the new year, all bright and shiny.

January is an excuse to reinvent ourselves, our business, our home, our lives. Each new year, I become excited at the possibilities for renewal. 

Progress and Possibilities

My morning view.

I begin by dreaming about my goals and projects, both short and long-term. I write them down, making them real. I then sort these goals with categories.

I make my list like a scroll, too long most often. As I draft my list with objectives and steps to achieve them, I begin to parse the list into actual possibilities and move some to my wish list. 

Each day, I write a list as though I finished it already. Later, I check off my completed tasks. Instant satisfaction!

Progress and possibilities

Gathering pine straw for the azalea and gardenia plants.

Some days, things happen and I need to change my schedule to handle them. I know, this is frustrating after I already made a great game plan. I then add those items to the next day and prioritize my list, I need flexibility.

I try to make small moments count. Sometimes, I take a few minutes out to complete a short task such as filing five files, write a card to someone, send a quick email, draft notes for a project, read something helpful, or read one or two emails, respond, and then file them. While I am on hold during a call, I will stay busy with something.

Progress and possibilities

Romeo exploring at the park.

I take small breaks outdoors where I find performing some quick tasks for a change of scenery and for some exercise. Sometimes, I walk Romeo up and down the street to refresh my brain, my soul, and to spend some time with him.

Even my small tasks add up towards positive progression. Sometimes, I merely breathe, enjoy the view, or daydream for a mental and physical break. Remember, these are all good things.

When you make an incremental effort on your project, you 
are making some movement. You are building momentum and perhaps you are not recognizing the impact yet. 

Progress and possibilities

Gather your tools that you need for your project.

You will eventually notice the changes you are making and suddenly you will sense a level of achievement. Don’t stop, keep going. Feel the inspiration. Use this as a spur to incite motion.

Your effort will begin to evolve more towards progress. Eventually, you will feel the glow of success from your completed project.

Ahhh, January, you bring a fresh new year filled with progress, possibilities, and promise.

“Well done is better than well said.”–Benjamin Franklin.

Spring is Sprouting

IMG_1788Good morning! It was so nice to have our sunny skies return yesterday and today there is more of the same to sprout our plants after the gallons of rainwater they received over the weekend.

Our almond tree is now only half covered with white blooms while the leaves are popping out quite quickly.

My Santa Rosa Plum tree is barely budding and I noticed my hydrangeas are doing the same. Nearby, the red camellias are loaded with buds and some of them opened into hand-sized blooms; they only thing missing is fragrance.


The New Zealand Tea Tree has been blooming it’s small flowers since Christmas, I need to photograph it before the flowers are gone.

A purple, fuzzy Pincushion plant is flowering near the new orange tree in the former pear tree location. I planted several new perennials around it last spring/summer that are now filled with fresh, green leaves with blooming promises.

2014-11-12 005When I browse around the yard, I notice opportunities to transplant flowers or perennials to new locations to allow them more space or to replace frost-damaged plants. Sometimes I walk around with my notepad and jot down those big ideas/projects and then I choose to take action on specific ones.  As I cross them off my list as done – one little project at a time, I feel a great sense of satisfaction, peace and contentment with their completion.

Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles (Original edition and new 10 Year Anniversary Edition), calls them attention units, those things that bug you as incompletes. In Principle 28, Clean Up Your Messes and Your Incompletes, he states, “If you make a list of2014-11-12 050 those attention units and complete them, you will be free of the mental burden of all of this clutter and create space for something new in your life, you’ve got to make room for it. I mean that psychologically as well as physically.”

Sometimes, I complete several little projects or one big project – momentum builds, things get done, and I feel productive and effective! I made room for new things in my life. Success!

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