Arrowood Winery 8-12-2008 Sonoma015DAWN to DUSK MARKETING CONSULTING

As your Marketing Consultant at Dawn to Dusk Enterprises, I am here to help you brazenly grow your business and have it thrive and maintain strength over time.

Why not?  Isn’t that the game plan? Perhaps we can discuss your situation and design marketing strategies to create a flourishing business environment for you.

You might be surprised that a few strategy changes may bring you new or greater income streams. They are working for me and they will for you.

Let’s promote your new products or Robert Mondavi Winery Napa 388009your business with a garden-fresh approach.

Are you an author, a newbie author? Let me help you launch your new book, develop your author brand, and keep your book visible. Contact me for a free marketing consultation today, let’s get started!

Perhaps I can assist you through Marketing Consulting:

* developing a marketing strategy

* expanding your website

Kenwood Winery007* promote new product lines

* develop marketing campaigns

* starting social media marketing

* creating a publicity and public
relations campaign

* increasing sales

* promote special eventsSV400012 Rotated

* improving customer service

* develop trade show traffic

* developing new business markets

I want to help your business bloom and grow! Please contact me, Dawn Marie Carlson and let’s get started!