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eNews and Newsletters  – stay in touch with your prospects and current customers.
Brochures – key sales tool for trade shows, speaking engagements and presentations.
Articles – show your expertise in your topic – educate and inform your potential customers and remind your current customers.

IMG_1919The path to finally publishing your content.

Blog content  – informational, educational, entertainment there are many numerous types blog posts to reach your customers and maintain them on your list.
Podcast content – prepared scripts and outlines that deliver your target messages.
Publicity material  –  press releases are vital in distributing your news.
Biographies – necessary for speaking engagements and publicity.
Speech writing – deliver the right message to the target audience.
Website content – target content for your potential audience.
Sales letters – reach your customer with a call to action.
Sales literature – explain your products and services with action now.
Product launch – move your products and services forward now.
Marketing collateral – vital sales materials to induce your customer to make a purchase now vs. analysis paralysis with the competition.

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Samples of my published work:Marin Co. Fair 09 024

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