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The Mysterious Intruder

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Fuzzy    P1010033                  FUZZY – Shih-Tzu                            ROMEO – American Eskimo Dog

Fuzzy and Romeo Adventures–The Mysterious Intruder
by Dawn Marie Carlson

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Fuzzy and Romeo call their pals in The Pooch Club to join them on adventures and mysteries. An entertaining book for children of all ages. When I was young, I would enjoy books such as this filled with interesting characters, mystery, adventure and fun. This is exactly the kind of book I would choose to read.

The Pooch Club members are all based on real characters who each have their own colorful personalities. I interviewed the dog’s parents to learn all about their personalities and character traits. Meet: Austin, L.B., Bogy, Emmi, Sean, Stella, Krusty, Lulu, and Tristan.

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Fuzzy and Romeo Adventures – The Mysterious Intruder eBook

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Coming soon!”Fuzzy and Romeo Adventures–The Pooch Club Camping Adventure”

How Can I help my Child Learn to Love Reading?

Imagine your child falling into a book to read on their own – without begging them to read. I worked in an elementary school reading lab for summer school students who had difficulties reading at their age level. The greatest tool we employed to motivate and inspire our students was a series of books on a variety of interests and specific topics such

I worked in an elementary school reading lab for summer school students who had difficulties reading at their age level. The greatest tool we employed to motivate and inspire our students was a series of books on a variety of interests and specific topics: trains, trucks, dolls, swimming, baseball, etc. The students selected the books where they had the greatest interest and we expanded their topics as they felt more successful. Their self-esteem rose as their reading level improved and as their reading skill level improved, the students began to enjoy reading for fun, not merely for school.

 Falling into books and enjoying reading on their own became the successful result for our students. You can inspire reading by creating a personal home library with books that hold your child’s interest and topics they enjoy–and add some new ones.

Here are 14 Tips to Transform a Non-reader into a Reader

  1. Inspire children to read books that are fun, interesting, and exciting.
  2. Take your time to read your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.
  3. Read aloud, a few pages or one chapter at each reading session.
  4. Talk about any illustrations, photos, or scenes in the book.
  5. Ask questions about the story to check their reading comprehension. Make sure they are understanding, not merely calling out the words.
  6. Ask them to summarize the story so far.
  7. Ask them to read aloud to you.
  8. Let them catch you reading books, magazines, blog articles, newspapers. Relate interesting snapshots from your reading.
  9. Explain to children how to gently care for books to make them last.
  10. Make a trip to your local library and help them explore topics they enjoy; then check out books on those topics and have them look at them once you return home.
  11. Take a trip to a local bookstore and have them select their very own book to buy and read when they return home.
  12. It’s so important to read to children and have them enjoy the wonder of books.
  13. It’s an investment in their future educational pursuits.
Hello from Fuzzy and Romeo – Proving They Truly Are Real Characters!

Romeo barks at least once per day without any reason–I believe he does this for practice when someone rings the doorbell or knocks on the door. When you cuddle or kiss Fuzzy, she sighs. And–I love them!

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