Fuzzy and Romeo Adventures - The Mysterious IntruderFuzzy and Romeo Adventures – The Mysterious Intruder

Excerpt – Chapter One –
Fuzzy and Romeo – The Chase

Fuzzy and Romeo bolted out Grammy’s back door as they barked and galloped full blast. Romeo kicked up some rocks as he slid around the corner of the house to gain some traction. “Hurry up Fuzzy – he’s gone!” Romeo shouted. “Here I come!” yelped Fuzzy in her little dog voice as she gained speed.

Since Fuzzy is a little Shih-Tzu, she couldn’t catch up to Romeo; he zoomed past her. She was able to run extremely fast for a seven-year-old, small dog, but not that quickly.

They sped around the Heavenly Bamboo and the Fortnight Lily, and were swatted by the red and white Oleander branches in the front yard as they flew by. They dashed up the hill and leapt down the steps to the greenbelt path that surrounded the hill. They made a dust cloud as they blasted down the dirt path through the woods of gnarly, scrub oak, and stately bay trees.

Romeo hit his stride at full-speed. He was an athletic American Eskimo Miniature with twenty pounds of pure muscle. The neighbors watched him sprint faster and faster. “Oh, he can run faster than my car!” they chattered in amazement.

“Down the stairs, Romeo hurry!” shouted Fuzzy, “I can see him!” They flew down the thirty steps to the park; they advanced closer to the intruder.”

You can help Fuzzy and Romeo solve the mystery.

They call on the members of the Pooch Club to help in this exciting dog adventure story for children of all ages.

Based on real characters, you can meet Fuzzy, a Shih-Tzu and her younger brother Romeo, an American Eskimo Miniature, their cousin Sean, his cousins Bogy and Emmi, the Beagles, L.B. a Shih-Tzu and his brother Austin, a Lhasa Apso, Stella, A Toy Poodle, Krusty, a Border Collie/Cocker Spaniel mix, his sister Lulu, and younger brother Tristan, both French Standard Poodles.

Everyone in the Pooch Club takes part in discovering The Mysterious Intruder, including you.

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