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Fuzzy taking a break after the big adventure!

Fuzzy and Romeo Adventures

A dog adventure story for
children of all ages
By Dawn Marie Carlson

Fuzzy and Romeo Adventures
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“Down the stairs, Romeo hurry!” shouted Fuzzy, “I can see him!” They flew down the thirty steps to the park; they advanced closer to the intruder.”

Fuzzy and Romeo Adventures Auidobooks.com

Romeo relaxing at home.

Help Fuzzy and Romeo solve the mystery as they call on the members of The Pooch Club to help. Fuzzy and Romeo Adventures – The Mysterious Intruder is an exciting dog adventure story for children of all ages based on real characters. Share the free sample with your family and friends on Audiobooks.com.

Meet Fuzzy, a Shih-Tzu and her younger brother Romeo, an American Eskimo Dog, as they call upon their canine cousins and their best friend human to join in solving the mystery. Everyone in The Pooch Club took part in discovering The Mysterious Intruder.

Music and sound effects really bring this story to life! Genres: Fiction, Juvenile Fiction. Visit Audiobooks.com to listen to a free audio sample.