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I provide Business and Marketing Consulting for Entrepreneurs and Authors and more! Welcome to Dawn to Dusk Enterprises! Thank you stopping by and visiting my website!

Are you an author? Are you an entrepreneur? Actually, you might be both–and you need to think of yourself with this new vision. You might be an entrepreneur out there roaring into new territories.

Now, you need to develop your marketing to thrive or your business will never grow, it will whither and wilt. People won’t find you without someone doing the work to get you discovered.

For authors, I am available to develop your book launches, publicity, and marketing campaigns ultimately resulting in greater book sales. Contact me for a free consultation to see how we collaborate and achieve your goals.

Copperfield’s Books in Novato, CA

My number one role is to support you in expanding your market reach. I’m here to assist you in developing strategies, creating blueprints, and delivering results.

Need some inspiration? Visit my DAWN TO DUSK BLOG for action, change, and motivation. Get inspired to help you achieve your dreams, aspirations, and creative pursuits. I’m here to cheer you on! I am here for you!


I can help you solve your business issues through marketing and business strategies. Do you need to pursue new markets, amplify lead generation, demand profitability, and develop loyal consumers?

Fish for whales, not minnows. If you concentrate on your top 20% potential business market, your achieved results are 80% more profitable with repeat business and exponential growth–if you provide outstanding customer service. Why would you think ‘small?’ If you fish for minnows, you have a bucket of minnows. If you fish for whales, you will have a ton of success.

I can assist you with this transition. Visit my SERVICES pages to learn more about how we can work together.

My services include MARKETING, PUBLICITY and PUBLIC RELATIONS, FUNDRAISING and GARDEN DESIGN CONSULTING, WRITING, and PHOTOGRAPHY. My name is Dawn Marie Carlson and I am here to help you grow your business! Let’s get started.


Being an avid gardener,  I am the person you need to assist you to nurture and grow your business organically. I will help you expand your business with my services:

I can explain how to incorporate these services to meet your aspirations with a free consultation by phone, Skype, Facetime, or in person. Complete the form below and I will contact you.

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Visit my new GARDEN DESIGN SERVICES page, which further explains how I can make your residential or commercial property outside and inside look hot and make an impact instead of drab and boring.

I can assist you with your PUBLICITY and PUBLIC RELATIONS; it’s time to broadcast your business and share your news.

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Visit my SERVICES pages for more details. Now, how can I help you? Let’s get started!

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St. Francis Winery, Kenwood, Sonoma Valley


Sharon Michaels interviewed me about my new book, Fuzzy and Romeo Adventures – The Mysterious Intruder. You are invited to listen to my interview from Sunday, June 14, 2015. Listen to the entire interview on iTunes, click this link:

  1. Please visit my new DAWN TO DUSK ENTERPRISES BOOK STORE as an affiliate of Amazon.com. You can buy books in any genre where I have some special books selected for you to browse:
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2.  HomeDon’t miss my latest published
articles in “Wine Country This
Week” magazine. Go exploring!

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Arrowood Winery

“Gold Discovered at Mayo Family
Winery in Sonoma Valley!”

“Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards Experience Spanish-Inspired Culture”

Dawn Marie Carlson, EzineArticles Basic Author 3.  I am proud to say I am now a Diamond Expert Author at Ezine Articles! Enjoy my latest published work on Ezine Articles and share them on your social media sites; please leave comments too.

“Elegant Azaleas – Stunning Impact in Your Garden” by Dawn Marie Carlson.

“Progress and Possibilities” by Dawn Marie Carlson.

“A Garden and a Library” by Dawn IMG_0383Marie Carlson.

“Everything To-do List–You’ve Done It!” by Dawn Marie Carlson.

“Are You Looking for a Way to Build Wealth for a Solid Financial Foundation for Your Family?” by Dawn Marie Carlson.

“Share Your Talent With the World” by Dawn Marie Carlson.

“Open Space, Conservation, and Preservation” by Dawn Marie Carlson.


Skipper butterfly dining in my garden.

“Making Room for Something New in the Garden” by Dawn Marie Carlson.

“Tending to My Garden” by Dawn Marie Carlson.

“You Can Create Your Own Successful Wildlife Habitat With Organic and Sustainable Practices” by Dawn Marie Carlson.

Pay Yourself Over $10,000 a Year – 8 Tips to Build Your Foundation of Savings for Your Success” by Dawn Marie Carlson.

Make-Memorable-Photo-Treasures-From-Ordinary-Moments” by Dawn Marie Carlson.

Fuzzy and Romeo Adventures - The Mysterious IntruderMY BOOK NEWS

My book, Fuzzy and Romeo Adventures – The Mysterious Intruder is now available at audiobook retailers everywhere and on Amazon.com as a Kindle eBook! Check out my author page on Amazon. When you listen to or read my book, please leave a review.

I am thrilled to report my new eBook was recently published by Dawn to Dusk Enterprises. Please visit my Fuzzy and Romeo Adventures page to read more about The Mysterious Intruder, the first book in this series. The second book, The Pooch Club Camping Adventure is in production now.

Check out my new message: Read to me.


Reviews are always welcome on my website author page and on my author page on Amazon.com FUZZY AND ROMEO ADVENTURES and see the latest news.



My first eBook in the series is now available. Buy FUZZY AND ROMEO ADVENTURES – THE MYSTERIOUS INTRUDER today by clicking on the book and please leave a review. Thank you, gentle readers.

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P.S. Meet my lovable mascots, FUZZY AND ROMEO! Fuzzy is a Shih-Tzu and Romeo is an American Eskimo Dog.

Go ahead and browse around my Dawn to Dusk Enterprises website and revisit often. Let’s get started. By the way, Fuzzy and Romeo approved this message.

All photos and content on website Copyright by Dawn Marie Carlson unless cited. Select photos are available for sale–limited editions and signed. Please contact me for sizes, pricing, and shipping.