When Companies Care 1

Spring Fuchsias providing good cheer, a valuable service.

When companies care, you notice it right away. Perhaps because it is found so infrequently it seems surprising. It’s always nice when you frequent a business and they recognize you or even know your name and treat you like gold. When you shop online, it’s nice to see your name with a message, “Welcome back!”

When I shop at some establishments, they  ask, “Did you find what you were looking for?” It should be, “Did you see our new item (with details about it), let me show you,” and they take you to the product they are describing. “We’re having a sale on this item this week,” they might add. “Did you see our newest items?”

When Companies Care 2Personal sales consultants are what customers want, not order takers. If you are in sales, you are a sales consultant. Your job is to assist your customer, not take orders and merely ring up a sale.

Order taking is certainly a great way to lose customers, larger sales, and future sales. It’s a disservice to your customer by not showing them what they might need and save them a trip later or visit online for something great they might want if they knew it was there and available to them.

When Companies Care 5

Goldfinch and House Finch customers returning for more bird baths.

Recently, we were buying a new bookcase from a store several hours away from home. I called and asked a few questions before I ordered it online and the sales person was outstanding. He took his phone to the items I was considering and showed me a live, face time view of them and answered all of my questions and showed me the differences between the items. Wow! I found what I wanted, my questions were answered, and our new bookcase was delivered with great delivery service as well. It’s the fourth bookcase we purchased from this store over several years, no surprise there, because when companies care, the customers return.

What happens when companies actually care about their customers?

It doesn’t matter what kind of work you are performing, it’s the same concept. Stepping up to the plate to the next more helpful level of service is vital to your success and your customer’s expectations.

When Companies Care 3

Create a welcoming environment.

No matter what type of work you perform from real estate, insurance, banking, gardening, writing, photography, management, sales, marketing, consulting, you are delivering a level of service to your contacts, coworkers, employees, whether they are internal or external customers.

When Companies Care 4

Happy customers provide referrals and golden results.

Ask what they need, show them what they might miss, inform them, educate them, ask what more can you do for them. You can perform at a higher level of service, which is so often missed, yet so valuable. The  golden result, referrals for your business.

In this guest article on Richard Branson’s Virgin.com website, Ken Krell explains the benefits of doing things right, excellent advice about valuable customer service. What happens when companies actually care about their customers? virg.in/aHIxJ