Nothing can dim the light from within.

Mom caught cuddling with dessert, a new book.

Nothing Can Dim
the Light

“Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.”
–Maya Angelou.

The reason this is such a special photo of my Mom is that one year later, she had a stroke leaving her with a paralyzed right arm, speech difficulty, and weakness on her right side.

Nothing Can Dim the Light.

Mom reading on her living room perch.

This forever changed her life and yet, she carries on with a cheerful and positive attitude.

While others would crumble and withdraw, she continues. Mom reads her favorite authors on a Kindle now with larger fonts. She is now in a wheelchair and still continues to take part in everything.

Nothing stops her. No matter what happens, she picks herself up and moves forward, ever forward.

Mom set the bar even higher for all of those around her. If you want to reach the stars – watch Mary; she can show you how.

We are forever grateful for her invincible spirit and her love that supports all of us and those nearby.

Her light shines for all of us.