IMG_2789“Man is not a being who stands still, he is a being in the process of becoming. The more he enables himself to become, the more he fulfills his true mission.”
–Rudolph Steiner.IMG_2787


Romeo took me on a hike recently on Mount Burdell.



The wildflowers were blooming nonchalantly and the valley views were sublime on this splendid, spring morning. I viewed Mount Diablo across the shimmering bay, the commute congestion on Hwy. 101 and the suburban patterns from the mountain top.

IMG_2819When you climb the mountain, you know – you just know and feel it – you can do anything when you spend effort, energy and sweat to make it happen.

Perhaps you too will wander in the country and see, hear and feel the fresh, spring season; make it your mission – spend the effort, energy and sweat – make it happen!