IMG_2834“That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.”
–Abraham Lincoln.

The first rose to bloom in my garden is my Mister Lincoln, a deeply fragrant, crimson rose. I picked three blossoms last week and last night, three more were ready for a vase. It’s my oldest and most prolific rose plant, which resides in a wine barrel near the driveway and is flooded in sunshine all afternoon.


The reason this Mister Lincoln rose grows abundantly and happily is the nurturing it receives. I give them: organic rose food, rose soil amendments, organic planting mix, organic seaweed fertilizer, rain water, sunshine, and I tell them how beautiful they are! I don’t neglect them.




Your tips of the day: organic soil amendments and fertilizers produce healthier plants in a gentle, time release formula providing the nutrients needed for the root system, leaves and flowers. The leaves are always green without any holes or spots, the blooms are large and the stems are strong and sturdy. Super healthy!