IMG_1672I am progressing on chunking down my gardening projects into more manageable tasks thus creating momentum and crossing additional tasks off my scroll and – it’s working.

The scroll can seem overwhelming when I think about the additional items so I will develop momentum with the adage, put first things first coined by Stephen Covey, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People author.

I need to plant the newest flowers before they pass on for instance thereby escalating this on the scroll. My primary irritants are two trees that need pruning in the front yard – a Crape Myrtle and Pacific Dogwood, which are two years overdue for pruning and are too tall.

Jack Canfield, The Principles of Success author, suggests first completing those irritants and most important items. Daily, I observe the trees and exhaust my positive energy planning when I will complete this project.020

I began (momentum is building) Sunday, late in the afternoon by planting the new pink impatiens near the end of the driveway and moved the begonias and dianthus to a different container. I was so pleased last summer with the volume of endless blooms on them and I am looking forward to seeing it again.

Next, I pPacific Dogwoodruned the Pacific Dogwood and Crape Myrtle trees and it did take longer than I planned and it was a workout for me. They look neater and healthier and I expect an evolution from them this year!

I groomed the flower bed around the fountain and shaped the old orange tree and shortened the newer perennials planted last year. It will take more observation walks around the yard to finish trimming and making the yard orderly, I noted. I stuffed the compost bin with tree branches, weeds, shrub branches and leaves, soon to be emptied allowing room for more debris.

And when I 008survey the yard, I identify additional projects which require tending. Overall, I can anticipate these projects deleted from the scroll soon and it feels satisfying. I am celebrating my progress as it is arriving incrementally and creating momentum along the path in moving things forward.

Spring Garden April 2009 003Visit Jack Canfield’s blog article for more information: Chunking Down That Goal and Getting Out of Overwhelm.

Read Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles: Principle #8 Chunk It Down.

Jack states, “By chunking down your goals, and then taking daily action on them, you create momentum and build your confidence, both of which move you farther and faster toward the achievement of your goals. Now go take some action!”