014Late Thursday afternoon, I worked in the garden pruning frost damaged begonias, dianthus, geraniums, mums and osteospermums.

I decided I would just work on a few things then I began pruning two roses and pulled out old mums taking too much space. And then some weeds needed a pitchfork to be removed.

Now, I trimmed half of the plants on one side of the driveway leaving more to do after the rain subsides. My plan was to start in small increments and hope that momentum would take over as it did until the daylight receded. It looks much neater and I am pleased, now, a few more things need tending.

Photo taken in September 2014 of the area that I mentioned. In two of these wine barrels are roses hindered by mum plants (I took them out) and hopefully this spring, the roses will rally once again!